How to suggest divorce coaching for your employees

How to suggest divorce coaching for your employees.

Inspiring a space for a productive conversation around a highly personal subject is difficult in any situation, particularly in a work environment. If rooted well, however, the reward is sustainably beneficial for both the company and the employee. Feeling heard, understood, and prepared for any change in life allows employees to manage their emotions, gain the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions, and shift their focus to the future.

There are numerous advantages your employees will benefit from working with a Divorce Coach.

First and foremost, it allows the HR department to concentrate on staffing a constantly evolving and profitable company. A divorce coach will help keep your staff aligned with the work subjectively while alleviating the divorce process logistics.

It is not enough for a work environment to be accommodating merely on the surface. It’s pertinent to the success of the company to imbibe multi-layered inclusivity. One of the most constructive suggestions you can make for your valued employee as a company is to offer them a Divorce Coach.

In doing so, you will have better-focused employees who can handle their life concerns more efficiently.

Many people benefit from working with a Divorce Coach. Just like the training for athletes is far beyond physical. They leverage the access to staying healthy mentally, emotionally, financially, psychologically, and spiritually for the road ahead, peak performance during, and recovery after.


A Divorce Coach meticulously and empathetically takes your employee from confusion to conclusion.

Using this list as a catalog of entry points to initiate a conversation, your employee’s confusion and overwhelm will shift to feel supported and validated.

In addition to the topics and stages, it is also helpful to increase your awareness of the wide range of negative emotional symptoms employees experience:

1.Let your employees know how a Divorce Coach can help them.

2.Understand how to maintain a healthy and proactive connection with their ex-spouse and children.

3.Communicate with their attorneys, allowing them to focus on their business while staying on top of their legal matters.

4.Find methods to let go of the past and move forward toward a brighter future.

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