Plan Right - Your Better Divorce Blueprint

A virtual suite of products designed to assist your employee to create their own plan for their divorce.

Plan Right comes with a book, a workbook, an interactive video course and access to a divorce coach during our office hours.


With Plan Right, your employees will  have access to the program which is comprised of a book, a workbook, and an interactive video course. They will be guided through some of the most critical decisions they’ll need to make during their divorce . Upon completion, they will have a comprehensive and customized blueprint that THEY have designed, providing peace of mind by creating the divorce that they created for themselves.

Plan Right dives into topics like:

  • How to end your marriage
  • How to tell your children
  • Understanding your thought process
  • Insights into how finances change
  • Selecting your divorce team
  • Child custody matters
  • Creating a practical approach to “the business” agreement of divorce
    and so much more…

We also have divorce coaches available to answer any questions they have during our office hours to get them out of overwhelm, keep them organized, and hopeful for their future.


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