About Us

Divorce Right was founded to mitigate the impact divorce has on corporate America and the millions of employees that go through it each year.

After almost a decade spent as CEO and founder of the National Association of Divorce Professionals and enduring the extraordinary negative impact divorce has on employees and productivity in America, Divorce Right was born. After Vicky Townsend’s own tumultuous divorce, she saw a need to make a radical change in a broken system.

We believe the divorce process can be executed better, without destroying a person and their family emotionally or financially. But divorce doesn’t just hurt families - it hurts companies too.

Research shows that divorce costs companies and state and federal governments over 300 billion dollars a year in lost productivity. A company with as few as 10,000 employees can lose as much as 25 million dollars a year in lost productivity.


Vicky decided to pioneer another forward thinking company in the divorce industry, combining the expertise of incredibly knowledgeable divorce industry professionals with corporate America, where billions of dollars are lost each year due to sharp decline in productivity, absences, distractions and errors.

Navigating a complicated system like divorce can be terribly overwhelming. Divorce is never easy, but it shouldn’t be a system set up to destroy a person financially or emotionally. Divorce is a labyrinthine institution designed by the very people you have to hire to get you through it.


Employers may offer discounts on legal services or provide access to a mental health counselor buried deep within an employee assistance program, but divorce isn’t a mental health crisis, it’s not even a legal crisis. It’s a life crisis, and we have answers.

“Guide Their Path,
Protect Your Assets.”

This is our tagline and it is extremely important to us. We guide and direct your employees which directly supports the safeguarding of your biggest assets – your people.

About Us

With the support of our expert collaborators, we steer your employees clear of the landmines which are designed to keep the battle going. We arm your people with a toolkit and plan of action to reach an advisable outcome. We set them up with qualified and licensed professionals to handle each of their unique issues. Divorce Right is here to address a long standing problem that has been dealt with in the shadows. We show your people the light, giving them the hope for a peaceful and fulfilled life.

In The Media

When an employee is going through a divorce, emotional, logistical and legal matters weigh so heavily on them that work can quickly fall to the bottom of the pile. 

As divorce rates continue to creep up, the impact on work will be hard for employers to ignore. An employee will lose 40% of their productivity for the six months before their divorce and up to five years after it, due to factors like absences for court and legal appointments, along with the impact from emotional distress, according to a report by the Nashville Business Journal.