Manage Right - Divorce Awareness and Sensitivity training


We educate your team about the complexities and challenges an employee may be facing during divorce, and provide solutions, recommendations, and resources for employees going through this traumatic life event. The sooner we intervene with the support they need, the sooner they can thrive at work as a focused and productive employee.

Plan Right- Your Better Divorce Blueprint


With Plan Right, your employees will have access to the program which is comprised of a book, a workbook, and an interactive video course. They will be guided through some of the most critical decisions they’ll need to make during their divorce . Upon completion, they will have a comprehensive and customized blueprint that THEY have designed, providing peace of mind by creating the divorce that they created for themselves.

Resolve Right - 1:1 Divorce Coaching


We are your employee’s thinking partner

Going through a divorce is one of life’s most stressful events. Our coaches help your employees make better decisions early in the process. We help them keep the anxiety, confusion, fear and frustration at bay so they can continue to function at a high level at work and in life. Divorce is isolating, scary and shameful. We are their ally when they cannot find solace elsewhere.

We have answers!

Why Work With Us

We guide your employee through the entire process with personalized coaching, matching your employees with the right divorce subject matter expert, webinars and special events to support them on their journey. Our coaches include former family law attorneys, financial advisors, and mental health therapists, all with an expertise that helps your employee through one of the most challenging and complex events in their life. Our coaches receive continuous education from Divorce Right to keep them on the cutting edge in the ever changing industry of divorce.

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Divorce Coaching & Management

Divorce Coaching & Management

Divorce Compassion & Sensitivity Training